RPG Recap: Beyond the Temple of the Abyss, 2014-10

Wednesday, 1st day of the Frost Moon, 937

The party had told “the dwarf” that they’d do a favor for him and deploy some equipment below Gladwell’s place, in exchange for some extra time before Epstien got the full report. Their attempt to follow through ended in disaster, though, and they headed back to town much the worse for wear.

With a growing sense that they’d be doomed in town, our heroes decided to take their money and go on the run from the law. To go on the run, though, they needed to be able to run. They decided to go look for healing. They asked Pastor Vieu about the theurge who had healed Perrin’s leg, and were told that he’d headed out of town to investigate some travelers’ stories of miracles. The party (or most of it) headed along that road, following it all the way to Bridgend, where the saloonkeeper disavowed any knowledge of the guy. He did, though, suggested that Billy Buford in Brideford could “fix” anything. They paid a heft toll of five sovereigns (each way!), and paid Buford twenty five more to run Perrin through his machine, which left him as good as new. They didn’t have enough money on them to pay for the rest of the party’s healing, and Buford wouldn’t take a check.

Back in town, they decided to get a good night’s sleep before putting their plan into effect.

Well, except for Knash. He’d been invited to the secret meeting of the mysterious organization he’d accidentally joined while completed drunk one night.

When he made it to the designated meeting point — just far enough out of town to worry the locals but not far enough to actually be particularly dangerous — he found a strange assortment of townspeople, all wearing animal costumes. Fortunately, Knash had thought to wear his fine goat-head cloak. The revelers drank, chatted, read bad poetry, played music, and discussed their fervent hope that one day, somehow, they could actually achieve the form their hearts desired. One of the brotherhood implored Knash to let him know if he ever found any relevant-seeming magic during his exciting adventures. Knash waited for the meeting’s big reveal and, finding none, he snuck back to the village.

Thursday morning, the party went to the treasury to clean house ont heir savings. The bursar was made quite nervous by this, and kept back a small amount to cover any outstanding checks. “Don’t worry,” they promised, “we just want to have cash on hand for this utterly fantastic party we’re throwing. We’ll deposit whatever’s left tomorrow.”

Knash, Brenda, and Perrin staked out the town’s three taverns and let the gold flow. They spent hundreds of soverigns shutting down the town’s businesses and getting everyone drunk. When the gendarmes came to collect them for an interview with Epstein, they inveigled the guard with drinks and had the crowd on their side. When the moment was right, they fled out their respective back doors and went to grab their stuff… which was all already missing.

Rather than hunt down their gold, horses (and camel), and henchmen, they stole new horses and got on their way. The gang was delighted to find their crew already waiting for them several miles down the road, with their mounts and belongings. “We heard them talking about you,” said Tucky the page boy, “so we got on the road ahead of you.” Gratuities were showered on all the hirelings.

Lacking any particular plan, the gang spent a night in the woods and in the morning set off for the elves’ forest on Friday morning.

Written on October 29, 2014
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