lazyweb request tracker

I like using Remember the Milk. It’s a to do list tracker. I use it for lots of little one-off tasks (blog ideas, games to try) and for simple projects that don’t have GitHub repositories. It’s got an API (which is kind of weird) and an iOS app (which is very good) and a bunch of other interesting little services.

I’d like to use it for more things. Most of them would be a little tough to do, because of the particulars of RTM. Today, though, I realized a useful thing to do: every time I think, “I wonder how I can do XYZ?” and tweet it, I’ll also put it in a list in RTM. Then if I get an answer, I can record it, and if I don’t, I can remember what I was looking for and ask again later. Or maybe figure out a solution on my own!

Written on April 4, 2014