getting stuff accomplished, next steps

I’ve got nearly every goal on my big board lit up. So, now I’m getting into a routine of getting all the regular things done. Next up, I’m going to try to get better at doing the one-off tasks I have to do, like file my expenses, arrange a piano tuning, and that sort of thing. For this, I’m going to try using Remember the Milk. I’ve used it in the past and liked it fine, but I didn’t stick with it. I think that if I integrate it into my new routine, it’ll work.

I’ve put in a few tasks already, and gotten some done. Today, I added some tasks with the “nag” tag, telling me that they’re things I need to bug other people about until they get done. Other tasks, I’m creating with due dates. Yet others are just general tasks.

My next step will be to use the Remember the Milk API (with WebService::RTMAgent, probably) to help deal with these in three ways:

  1. require that I never have any task more than one day overdue (I’m cutting myself a little slack, okay?)
  2. require a new note on any “nag” task every once in a while
  3. require that … well, I’m not sure

That lousy #3 needs to be something about getting tasks done. I think it will be something like “one task in the oldest 25% of tasks has to get done every week.” I think I won’t know how to tweak it until I get more tasks into RTM.

Maybe I’ll do that on vacation next week. That sounds relaxing, right?

Written on August 17, 2013
🌀 productivity
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