RPG Recap: Alar, 2012-08-27

Year 28 of the 7th Imperator, 20th of Declarations

Still exploring and graverobbing beneath the scenic abandoned temple of Mexias, the group left some crypts unopened and instead headed west along a long corridor. Slits through the thick stone to the south afforded a view of a large room with a grey stone statue of an immense man wracked and bent. A nearby passage led to a ruined kitchen and a larder, unexplored, lay beyond that.

The gang headed south through a dining room and into another row of crypts, which they began to loot, finding precious little plunder. Calliope, though, found a strange black fiend hiding in one vault. Once found, it lept at her and clawed her vicious. Before it could escape, it was done in, but its keening attracted the attention of a handful of hulking bug-men who attacked with huge hooked arms. These, too, were laid low, as well as a bandaged corpse that rose from the dead from within one of the vaults. The party felt quite worn down by the fight and made a quick exit, slowing only when the saw the huge scorpion watching them from a side passage. It didn’t bother them, though, and they made it to the surface. Calliope returned Sek’s key to his person and the six vandals slunk off into the night.


Ayla     = 205 + 113      = 318
Calliope = 205 + 113 + 23 = 331
Helga    = 197 + 113      = 310
Ignatius = 205 + 113      = 318
Redorus  = 195 + 113 + 23 = 321
Tilton   = 167 + 113 + 11 = 291
Written on September 4, 2012
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