RPG Recap: Alar, 2012-05-12

Year 28 of the 7th Imperator, 13th of Declarations

The gang decided to put aside the question of the recovered tax money and go through with the job they’d signed up for. They waited until nightfall, picked off the two bandits who wandered down from the house looking for something, and then crept around the side to spook the horses to lure out more unwitting victims. This worked at first, and the first curious bandit was pelted about the head and shoulders with rocks. He was able to get back inside, though, and alerted his comrades. This began a long and confused attempt by the bandits to pin down and fire on their attackers. After a few casualties, though, most of them locked themselves inside and left one or two behind to keep an eye on things.

This left the party’s archers and sling-wielders free to rain projectiles on the guards, at least until one of them cried out desperately for help: he’d spotted a large wagon, dimly illuminated by weak flames, rolling toward the villa. The rest of the bandits poured out and were mowed down in short order, except for a few who turned their attentions on the cart. As it grew closer to the villa, its escort came into view: a half dozen imperial soldiers, bloodied and limping along with a thousand-yard stare. The bandits took aim and fired, but even their hits were shrugged off. Two of the soldiers broke into a run and attacked viciously, but were eventually cut down by bow and spear.

Calliope, who had clambered onto the roof to take shots at the shuffling soldiers, lept into the house throught he compluvium to fight the small fire that had started in the vestibule. Ignatius pelted the poor cart ox with stones. Tilton bravely ran into the fray just as the last enemy was downed. By the end of the fight, the gang had nearly entirely escaped harm and was surrounded by a score of bodies.

Written on May 14, 2012
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