RPG Recap: Alar, 2012-03-03

Year 28 of the 7th Imperator, 8th of Declarations

Limping home after their narrow victory against the terchics at the Burning Dog, the gang split into two groups: those who would go meet the Nexans as promised and those who would lick their wounds. Calliope, Ayla, and Helga (I think) met the Nexans at the Coin and Fortune, paying off the tavern keeper for the annoyance of having such rabble in his place.

Asic and Obic, the Nexans, made a plan with the party: they’d reconvene two nights later, bust into Mariava’s place, and take whatever they wanted. There was also some talk of burning the place down.

Tilton spent the next two days in fervent ritual worship by day, and laying on hands by night. Not much other serious preparation was done.

Year 28 of the 7th Imperator, 10th of Declarations

With everyone feeling his best, the gang suited up and headed to the Coin and Fortune to meet Asic and Obic. From there, they headed north through the old walls, through the government center, to Mariava’s neighborhood. They took up positions around the front door and began to rain slings and arrows on the slave guarding the door. Like Mariava’s other slaves, though, this one proved to be ferocious in combat and took quite a bit of effort to bring down.

Worse, once he was down, two more appeared on Mariava’s house’s roof and skittered down its front, heads first, to defend its entrance. In the fierce melee that ensued, Asic and Calliope were laid low by the slaves’ brutal onslaught. Eventually, though, the attackers prevailed. As the thinning crowd in the streets looked on, they dragged all the bodies inside and got busy searching for loot. When they started looting, though, the warrior statue that had menaced Calliope on her earlier visit stepped from its pedestal to defend its home. Helga and Redorus quickly knocked it back over the railing around the atrium, and it fell down onto the impluvium and before making it back up the stairs, it was beaten until it stopped moving.

Asic rifled around, but found nothing else he judged of value to the Nexan people. The rest of the group was not so discriminating, and loaded their arms with loot. Ignatius hauled Calliope out on his shoulders, while Helga and Tilton dumped the bookshelves into the impluvium, doused them with oil, and put them to the torch.

As the books burned, the group ran through the parting crowd. Nobody tried to stop them, and they headed home.

Written on March 11, 2012
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