come to OSCON, learn Moose, throw fireballs

What is Moose?

What is this mysterious library that is taking the CPAN by storm? Why would you ever want to use it? Will it really make your code incredibly slow? What’s a meta-object protocol, anyway? Does it have natural resistance to Charm and Sleep? And why is it called Moose??

If you don’t know, yet, why you should love Moose, I am prepared to beat that love into you with three hours of GIANT CODE SLIDES, full of all your favorite sigils: dollar sign, at sign, percent sign, and for a limited time, brief appearances by ampersand and asterisk. As a special bonus, Lisp will be mentioned.

How does all of this relate to Dungeons and Dragons, and why are Black Mage and Megaman arguing across the slides? Slide 21 depicts four 30-sided dice, despite the fact that they are good for nothing. Can Moose remove 33% of their sides?

A brief intermission will be held during which time there will be complimentary coffee and snacks. Terrified audience members are free to flee the building during this time.

Now it can be told: even my surname has become a discounting word! Use β€œSignes” as a coupon code when you register right now. You will save 200‰ and for every five registrants, a free admission will be granted to one bewildered stranger from off the street.

July 25. Portland, Oregon.

All will be revealed!

Written on June 3, 2011
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