finally started using dzil new

Ages ago, I got a lot of requests for a way to let Dist::Zilla create new dists. Creating a useful command for doing that became part of the TPF grant work that I did, and dzil new started to work in May. By June, it reached the state it’s been in for months now, which seemed pretty good – but I didn’t really know, because I wasn’t using it.

This week, I released a few new distributions, and the same things bit me each time: I didn’t have a .gitignore and I didn’t have a Changes file. The latter was much more annoying, because it would make the NextRelease plugin die after release, and I’d have to do a bunch of the post-release actions myself. I thought about writing a “don’t do the actual release unless the Changes file exists” plugin, but then I decided it would be pretty easy to just start using dzil new. So far, I’m happy! Here’s my setup:


append_file = plugins.ini


[GenerateFile / Generate-gitignore ]
filename    = .gitignore
is_template = 1
content = -*
content = .build

[GenerateFile / Generate-Changes ]
filename    = Changes
is_template = 0
content = Revision history for 
content =
content = 


Written on October 20, 2010
🐪 perl
🧑🏽‍💻 programming