changing Config::MVP and heading toward Dist::Zilla v3

The following is a message I recently sent to the Dist::Zilla mailing list:

Config::MVP is the mass of moving parts behind the config loader that does most of the work turning your dist.ini into a set of plugins. For months, now, I have had a good idea about how Config::MVP needs to be extended to make a lot of significant improvements to Dist::Zilla possible.

Today, I’ve implemented most of those changes, and I will probably implement more soon. After that, I can begin making use of the new features in Dist::Zilla, which will probably get a v3 release in the coming weeks.

Config::MVP has three main parts: Sections, which are (name, associated package, hashref payload); Sequences, which are ordered lists of Sections with unie names; and the Assembler, which is a simple state machine used to build a Sequence. The Sequence is the “final product” that represents the loaded config.

So far, no MVP object required an object above it. That is, you could have a Section outside a Sequence and a Sequence with no Assembler. This has changed somewhat in my master branch, as of now. Now, all three objects can be marked “finalized,” and a Section cannot be finalized unless it was placed into a Sequence. More importantly, a Section has a reference to the sequence it was placed in, and a Sequence has a reference to the Assembler constructing it.

This is important because it makes the following possible:

package DZilSection;
use Moose;
extends 'Config::MVP::Section';

after finalize => sub {
  my ($self) = @_;

That’s just a sketch, but I hope it’s clear: plugins will be able to self-register immediately during loading, and if necessary perform other operations.

Also, it will make the following vital configuration possible:

:version = 1.23

…which will cause something like this:


There is another implication of the above code: the Dist::Zilla object can (must!) exist before configuration is done being read. This means all core attributes will become, in one way or another, deferrable and settable via plugin.

Non-phase-plugin sections will also be able to do things. For example, sections will exist that represent just hunks of data, possibly validated or made into objects, but not contributing to the build-like operations. These will get their own lookup, with fallbacks to global configuration. So, you can say:


…and you’ll get the Foo section from your dist.ini, and if that’s not there, you’ll get the one from global config – falling back to either nothing or a master default, like the default :Plugins currently supplied. This mechanism will be used for things like PAUSE credentials and default copyright/license data for minting new dists, making profiles much more reusable by multiple users. (It’ll also finally mean that dzil new can be documented without looking half-baked.)

Finally, bundles may change. Rather than immediate transformation into sections, bundle processing will probably end up processing each Bundle as its own section, complete with finalization, and a side effect of that finalization will be the unshifting of synthetic input (the bundle_config) onto a to-be-created MVP config queue. The biggest benefit of this change is the ability to inspect the Dist::Zilla object and report what bundles were actually loaded and in what order. This will help the MetaConfig plugin paint a more complete picture.

That’s my whole update for the night, but I’m very excited about these changes, and I hope you will be, too.

Written on May 12, 2010
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