logging changes in Dist::Zilla are maybe complete

The last 24 hours or so have been really busy. Today was Martha’s third birthday (wow, can you believe it?) and I’ve had a number of incredibly annoying bugs at work. I won’t get into the details right now but one of them was an MSIE bug that I solved by \uXXXX-only double-JSON-encoding a structure. The other was fixed by disabling Etag headers. Blaaaagh!

Despite this, I found some time for working on Dist::Zilla improvements. I did a pretty significant amount of work, actually, but if I paste the results, it will not look very impressive:

[DZ] beginning to build Dist-Zilla
[DZ] guessing dist's main_module is lib/Dist/Zilla.pm
[DZ] extracting distribution abstract from lib/Dist/Zilla.pm
[@RJBS/Classic/ExtraTests] rewriting release test xt/release/pod-coverage.t
[@RJBS/Classic/ExtraTests] rewriting release test xt/release/pod-syntax.t
[@RJBS/PodWeaver] [@Default/Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/Dist/Zilla/Tester.pm
[@RJBS/PodWeaver] [@Default/Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/Dist/Zilla/App/Tester.pm
[DZ] writing Dist-Zilla in Dist-Zilla-1.100680
[DZ] writing archive to Dist-Zilla-1.100680.tar.gz

The change, here, is that Pod::Weaver’s plugins can now log as a “second order” set of plugin data. This sort of worked, in theory, with previous implementations of logging, but it’s much simpler now. I’ve ripped out a lot of the logging code from Dist::Zilla, eliminating the illusion that you could use something other than Log::Dispatchouli to replace its logging. At the same time, I refactored some of Log::Dispatchouli’s methods to make it more flexible, but not (I hope!) more complex. I don’t think much will come of it, beyond what I’ve just shown above, but it’s still useful. It will also let me easily do something like this:

  { prefix => $self->prefix_wrap },

…to produce…

[PluginName] <<< This is a multi-line
[PluginName] ||| log entry that will be
[PluginName] ||| marked with some sort
[PluginName] >>> of log-item grouper.

The real win here is “less code.” I had to copy and paste a five or six line hunk of code around a few times, and I think that will get refactored later. Still, things are very simple, now, and it will make testing the logging of plugins very easy.

Next up: actual testing.

I hit one stumbling block with my previous attempt to make it possible to build a dist found in another directory. Because of the way things worked, I ended up getting dist tarballs with contents like ~/User/rjbs/code/cs/Whatever/lib/… instead of Whatever-1.234/lib/…`. I fixed this by reverting the directory absolutizing. I’ll either have to do a more comprehensive survey and fix of the code or I’ll just more aggressively add localized chdirs. That’s fine, too.

So, next up: I start to really test things. First up, I’ll make the existing dz1.t and dz2.t tests actually test things. After that, it will be time to start testing each plugin. That should be… well, awful. It will be nice to have the tests, though!

Written on March 10, 2010
🦖 distzilla
🐪 perl
🧑🏽‍💻 programming