hilarious bug visible in perl 5.10.1's perldoc

There’s a bug in, I think, Pod::Simple. It’s been fixed, and affects only one release of the perl distribution: 5.10.1. Its effect is really amusing, though.

In Pod, there are commands that look like this:

=head1 This is a header.

=begin :Region

=encoding utf-8

That third one notes the encoding of the document. In this broken version of the Pod tools, the =encoding command is overzealously detected and any paragraph containing that string is effectively invisible in the output of the perldoc command used to read perl’s documentation.

Here is the literal source of the documentation for the Pod documentation format itself – the section describing =encoding:

=item C<=encoding I<encodingname>>   X<=encoding> X<encoding>

This command is used for declaring the encoding of a document.  Most
users won't need this; but if your encoding isn't US-ASCII or Latin-1,
then put a C<=encoding I<encodingname>> command early in the document so
that pod formatters will know how to decode the document.  For
I<encodingname>, use a name recognized by the L<Encode::Supported>
module.  Examples:

  =encoding utf8

  =encoding koi8-r

  =encoding ShiftJIS

  =encoding big5


C<=encoding> affects the whole document, and must occur only once.

Every single paragraph contains =encoding, except for the unrelated =back command, so all documentation of this command silently disappears when reading the documentation.

I thought I was losing my mind!

Written on October 28, 2009
🐪 perl
🏷 pod