cover letter to bring to fruition all facets of hopes and aspirations


Having a rich lineage of Perl programming (stemming to Version 1.0) aspirations (having an expansive background in C aides in this directive), as well as current work encompassing CGI scripts, this, again, has been part and parcel of my experience stemming back many years as well as Apache via Mod_Perl), 10 plus year open source Linux and the DBI database connection, are but a few of the reasons I strongly wish to be considered concerning your Perl Programmer, (Philadelphia, PA) Craig’s listing. For this reason, please accept the attached (plain text) resume.

My syntactical manipulative abilities in Perl (both structured and object based), HTML, JavaScript, and Python as well as highly advanced database design & optimization skill-set (once debugging twenty-five advanced finance database student applications in a twenty minute time-frame), enables me to logically code 3,000 to 4,000 lines of code, per month (this translates into the work of two, possibly three programmers) in the design of software and Internet-based solutions. If this is your first experience, during this canvass, with one who can bring to fruition, all facets concerning your hopes and project aspirations, it will be well worth consideration of my candidacy.

With respect to my persona and professionalism (as well as your import for one with the ability to communicate well, both with staff and fellow programmers), a superior oratory once earning my being selected as the only non theatrical candidate for a Lincoln Center Area Real Estate Phone Project, specifically concerning your need for one with multiple disciplines, these are further enhanced by a keen mind, an advanced conception of responsibility (especially in formulating the needs during interface with users of varying levels of technical expertise; an added dimension, of course, is dealing with the politics of one’s technical understanding; team members, highly relevant in your areas of need, and most importantly my superiors); a vigorous work ethic and fervently rich desire to increase my technical abilities bode well and are consistent with my perceived vision concerning this highly dynamic technical opportunity.

Respectfully, security starts with one’s mind. Microsoft acquired FoxPro (a PC database that, not only is still going strong but, in fact, was used to enhance the MS Access search engine via the patented Rushmore Technology), a situation where Microsoft saw value, not so much in the acquired company, but in its founder, David Fulton. Still further, Carly Fiorina, keynote speaker at Linux World and former CEO and Presidential Candidate, for HP and the World Bank, respectively, embraced Linux into the fold of her operations. Oh sure, I may not have “brand” name successes, but the bringing in of an innovative technical mind, arguably, experiences of my greatest intrigue, will bring forth and yield positive results well within the constructs concerning, any, of your stipulated time-frames

Written on June 3, 2009