we ate at greekers

Today, we tried out Greekers, the new place from Billy – the guy behind Billy’s. I don’t know whether we’ll be going back in the near future, even though it wasn’t a horrible experience.

The main problem, far beyond anything else, was the cost. Gloria and I each got a medium-sized, slightly fancy burger. Each burger cost about $5.50, and that does not include fries. So we each got fries, $2 each order. We also each got a soda, $2 each. We also got a plain hot dog for Martha, $2. So, total tab for two normal lunches and a hot dog: $22. This is “order at a counter and pick up your food when it’s ready” place, with no table service. You could compare it to Five Guys, except it’s less food for more money – and that’s without bringing the difference in location (south Bethlehem versus downtown Philadelphia) into the picture. I’d also compare it to Billy’s, where we’d get comparable (bigger?) burgers with the fries included for less than $2 more.

My burger was really tasty. I would order it again in a second. The fries were floppy and under-salted. That meant that even though everything was billed as fresh ingredients, I ended up putting ketchup from a packet onto my fries… but now I’m just being petty.

I would’ve been totally okay with that meal if the fries had been better and the tab had been about $15-17. That could be $7 each for two burger meals and a buck fifty for a naked hot dog. That seems about right.

I’ll probably go back again in a month or two and try something else, but I’m definitely not sold yet.

Written on March 21, 2009
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