chessex pound-o-dice

We need new dice for our D&D game. I ordered a Chessex Pound-o-Dice from an Amazon vendor, Rookie’s HQ Games and Cards. Here’s what we got:

  • 7 die set, pale pink with green numbers and orange speckles
  • 11 d4, various styles
  • 8 d6, numbered, normal size, various styles
  • 12 d6, pipped, normal size, various styles
  • 1 d6, pipped, slightly oversize, solid indigo
  • 1 d6, pipped, slightly undersize, translucent green
  • 14 d6, pipped, tiny, various styles
  • 7 d6, pipped, tiny, various styles, drilled for stringing
  • 4 d6, pipped, miniscule, green, drilled for stringing
  • 4 d8, various styles
  • 23 d10, ones-place, various styles
  • 5 d10, tens-place, various styles
  • 4 d10, unmarked, marbled (three red/black, one green/black)
  • 1 d10, unmarked, sparkly
  • 6 d12, various styles
  • 1 d12, slightly oversize, solid red, numbered 0 - 10 and star
  • 15 d20, all speckled and regular

The very small and unmarked dice are basically useless. I will probably throw away the very small ones. Even those that are not drilled do not seem regular enough to roll properly, and their size makes them novelties, anyway.

I have no idea whether anyone has a use for unmarked d10s. I suppose I could paint a label on them, or something, but that’s not going to happen.

I don’t mind the distribution I got, although a few more numbered d6s would’ve been nice. I’ll probably buy more, once I review what kind of dice I’m going to need most often. I’m also a bit disappointed that the single vs. double digit d10 disparity is so high.

I wonder what the purpose of that weird d12 is. I wonder whether D&D 4th Edition uses d12 as rarely as 1st edition did. I seem to recall it was basically used for ranger hit dice and halberd damage.

Quite a few of the d10s were of a style I’d never seen before. One half of the die was one color, and the other was a different color. They color change along the middle of the die. I like them, and would probably buy more in that style if I was a die collector.

I consider the Pound-o-Dice a success. If I need more dice (without specificaly needing a lot of one type) I will definitely get another pound.

Written on December 10, 2008
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