publishing parts of my tiddlywiki

Some time ago I wrote that I had moved my D&D wiki to TiddlyWiki. This has worked pretty well, although I’ve mostly given up storing YAML in my TiddlyWiki – mostly because I didn’t end up using the tools that used it all that much. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I’m getting close to starting my next game, and I’ve been doing much more work on the wiki for that one, and I have been annoyed at all the copying and pasting I’ve been doing. I want to give some of the content to the players but keep most of it private.

I looked at using two TiddlyWikis, but of course I’d want a single one to edit. I thought maybe I could have the second be for the players, and I’d sync it from mine. It was going to be a pain, though, to edit the list of synced pages. I really wanted to say, “sync everything tagged Public.”

Then I realized that I didn’t want this, either. I want to be able to put secret data on my wiki pages, and to easily give the page to my players – sans the internal notes.

My solution is an ugly hack that I think will work just fine. I’ve set up a shared folder on Dropbox where my players will save their notes, maps, and so on. I made a folder in that share where I’ll put articles about house rules, mechanics, and so on. It’s all stuff from my wiki, published with a script that iterates over my TiddlyWiki finding and reformatting pages with the Public tag. It strips out private notes, replaces transclusion with cross reference, and does some other stuff.

I thought I’d be able to publish HTML using some CPAN module, but the only TiddlyWiki formatter on the CPAN seems to be vaporware. In the end, I decoded that wiki markup is easy enough for the players to read. I think this will work really well.

Here is the hacky script I’m using:

use strict;
use warnings;
use 5.010;
use HTML::TreeBuilder;
use Text::Autoformat;
use Text::Balanced qw(gen_extract_tagged);

my $extractor = gen_extract_tagged(map quotemeta, qw( [[ ]] ));

my $tree = HTML::TreeBuilder->new->parse_file($ARGV[0]);

my @tiddlers = grep { ($_->attr('tags') || '') =~ /\bPublic\b/ }
               $tree->look_down(_tag => 'div');

sub eq_pad {
  my ($str) = @_;
  my $total = 73 - length $str;
  return "$str " . ('=' x $total);

sub filename {
  my ($title) = @_;
  $title =~ s/\W+/-/g;
  return lc "$title.txt";

for my $tiddler (@tiddlers) {
  my $title = $tiddler->attr('title');
  my $fn = filename($title);
  open my $fh, '>', $fn or die "can't open $fn to write: $!";

  my $tag_str = $tiddler->attr('tags') || '';
  my @tags;
  while (length $tag_str) {
    my $tag;
    ($tag, $tag_str) = $extractor->($tag_str);
    if ($tag) {
      push @tags, $tag;
    } else {
      push @tags, split /\s+/, $tag_str;

  my $mod_date = $tiddler->attr('modified') || '';
  my (@date) = $mod_date =~ /^(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{2})$/;

  say $fh 'Title   : ', $title;
  say $fh 'Tags    : ', join ', ', sort @tags;
  say $fh join ' ', 'Modified:',
    ($mod_date ? (join('-', @date[0,1,2]), join(':', @date[3,4])) : '??'),
    'by', $tiddler->attr('modifier') || '?';
  say $fh '';

  my $text = $tiddler->as_text;
  $text =~ s{<part \w+>\n}{}g;
  $text =~ s{</part>\n?}{}g;

  $text =~ s/^!!(.+)$/"\n\n== " . eq_pad($1) . "\n"/meg;

  my @chunks = split /\n{2,}/, $text;
  my @xref;

  for my $chunk (@chunks) {
    last if $chunk =~ /^----/;
    next if $chunk =~ /@@/;

    $chunk =~ s/\[\[([^\]|]+)(?:\|[^\]]+)?\]\]/$1/g;
    if ($chunk =~ /<<tiddler Template:Summary with: ([\s\w]+)>>/) {
      push @xref, $1;

    if ($chunk =~ /^== /) {
      $chunk .= "\n\n";
    } else {
      $chunk = autoformat $chunk
    print $fh $chunk;

  say $fh "SEE ALSO: $_" for @xref;
Written on November 15, 2008
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🧑🏽‍💻 programming
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