overheard in #email

Programming email can leave you a bit … touched. Here are some recent gems from #email on irc.perl.org

<dave0> To bounce, or not to bounce
<dave0> that is the question
<dave0> whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
<dave0> the slings and arrows of outrageous NDRs
<dave0> or by opposing, end them

It’s a poetry contest he wants, is it?

<rjbs> what a piece of work is mime
<rjbs> how nested in structure
<rjbs> how infinite in quirkiness
<rjbs> in form and encoding how completely execrable
<rjbs> the paragon of feature creep
<rjbs> and yet to me
<rjbs> what is the quintessence of wtf

Have we gone too far? No.

<confound> well, writing a poem about mime is pretty wtf
<dave0> I think a poem about MIME would need to be something epic and 
        full of angry, capricious Norse gods
<rjbs> multipart/epicpoem
<rjbs> Das MIMErdämmerungenlied
<rjbs> stanza*1*=latin-1'q'no_no'Das=20MIMErd=E4mmerungenlied
<dave0> ; format=opera

Trust us. It’s hilarious.

Written on October 20, 2008
📧 email
🧑🏽‍💻 programming