email::messageid 1.400

I’ve uploaded a new Email::MessageID, version 1.400. It has two major improvements. First, the result of its new method is now an Email::MessageID object, where it was previously an Email::Address object(!). This means that it can now have its own message-id-specific methods. It has one: in_brackets. This is a very common mistake:

my $email = Email::Simple->create(
  body   => ...,
  header => [
    'Message-Id' => Email::MessageID->new->as_string,

This would produce a bogus message. Message-Ids must be in angle brackets. Rather than fix as_string and break the code of everyone who was already dealing with this, I’ve added in_brackets. Use it!

Written on October 3, 2008
📧 email
🐪 perl
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