rjbs goes blog shopping

The canonical source for my journal posts is at rjbs.manxome.org in my Rubric install. Rubric doesn’t do comments, though, and I am really, really not interested in adding that feature. That’s why I syndicate to use.perl.org.

use.perl, though, seems to have increasing bouts of downtime, and its interface seems to me to be getting weirder, although maybe I’m just getting old. Also, I wouldn’t mind being less totally marked as “blog about perl.” I’ve been looking at other blog software or services. Blogger seems pretty cool, but I haven’t been able to produce an Atom file that it’s willing to accept as an import of old posts.

I’ve used MT before, and it seems like it’s way overkill. Also, last I checked, there was no way to use the API to make posts that had tags. Vox just seems noisy and busy. LiveJournal is ugly, no matter how it get styled.

Still, nothing is going to be awful enough to get me to add more blogging feature to Rubric.

Written on August 17, 2008