more people who can't cope with irc

If you can’t handle even this light amount of attitude, you probably should stick to … I don’t know what. Support from consultants?

<jbarton> i have a question about the usage of $c->views and $c->view
<@rjbs> purl: ask to ask
<purl> Don't ask to ask.  Just ask!  If no one answers, then rest assured 
       it's because no one knows the answer. or perhaps no one likes you 
       enough to bother answering
<jbarton> i didnt ask to ask
<jbarton> i am typing my question out
<@rjbs> Ok.  Announcing that you are about to ask is just a variation on 
        a theme. ;)
<jbarton> not really
<@mst> yes really.
<jbarton> i was giving context
<jbarton> well arent you a bunch of assholes, nevermind then
<@rjbs> Ok, finish preparing your question and ask it.
<<< jbarton [] has quit : []

I mean, I even used a smiley!

Written on July 17, 2008
🏷 irc
🤤 stupid