please erect no barriers to entry for bug reports

Yesterday, we found a serious bug in the IMAP library used by RoundCube. To report the bug, we had to click through a pile of links and sign up for an account. When we tried to send a report to the mailing list, it was rejected (500 error) because you may not post in the first few minutes of being a list member.

Today I tried to watch the QuickTime screencast video for Today. It was unbearably quiet. I tried to report this to the software vendor, but after I finally found the right link to click and entered my problem, and after I clicked a emoticon representing “how this made me feel” and then typed a description of what I meant by that emoticon, and after I clicked the submit button, I was prompted to sign up for an account.

I need an account to tell you why I can’t view the video for the software I haven’t decided to use yet?

Right, we’re done here.

Written on June 24, 2008
🤤 stupid