old navy pass / fail

So, I finally own a pair of shorts, again. I owned about four, I think. I’ve put on a fair bit of weight (ugh) since I stopped going to the gym, and some of my shorts no longer fit. One pair lost a button, but was mostly wearable with a belt, and the other pair split up the back while I was doing yardwork. For weeks, I’ve been wearing trousers for everything. I nearly ruined a pair while wearing them to haul and lay down sod. Ugh!

Today, we made a trip to Old Navy and I got two pair of really comfortable cargo pants for about $20 total. Nice! They had quite a few colors, but I had to settle for two pair in the same color to get my size. The color, no kidding, is called “buffalo herd.” I was a little miffed to be unable to get khaki or black, but Gloria reminded me that Old Navy has a pretty decent online store.

I went online, enabled Flash for the site, and ordered a pair in “black” and “fisherman’s khaki.” Checkout was alright, although 1Password had some trouble filling in the flash form for my address. When I got to “pick a password,” I let 1Password pick something random, only afterwards to be told that I had to limit myself to numbers and letters. Ugh.

The really annoying part was that when I tried to change the form, I clicked in the password input area and hit backspace… which was sent to my browser, which went back to a previous page, canceling my checkout process. Ugh!

Oh well. Filling in a form twice is a small price to pay for being able to wear something other than long pants. (I am not counting the price to my conscience at buying clothes probably manufactured in a sweat shop. I try not to think about that.)

Written on June 9, 2008
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