remaining gripes with keynote

Oh, Keynote. So simple, so pretty, so annoying.

First, this has to be a bug, right? If I right-click on a slide in the sidebar showing all slides, then pick “skip this slide” it marks the currently displayed slide for skipping, not the slide I right-clicked. Huh?

Secondly, I still don’t have a nice solution for syntax highlighting or slide re-use or any kind of “similar but slightly changed” slide markup to let me not have to fix a comma on every version of a code sample that changes across twenty slides.

Finally, why why why must it store the slides compressed? They’re stored in an XML format, so it would be pretty easy to do a diff of two revisions in my git repository – if only they were stored uncompressed. It could be a per-slideshow preference. OmniOutliner lets me do this!

Sigh. I really don’t want to use any of the text editor based slide presentation packages I’ve seen.

Written on May 26, 2008
🏷 presentation
💾 software