my yapc schedule

Andy Lester posted his YAPC::NA schedule, so I thought I’d post my tentative plan. I often change my mind at the last minute, but:


Skimmable Code: Schwern talks about how to make code maintainable. Maintainability is my watchword.

Either Unicode for Silly Americans or Handling the Ball of Mud. I had really been looking forward to the Unicode talk, but necessity forced me to learn a lot of the material likely to be covered, these past few weeks.

Email Hates the Living! – I’m pretty much required to attend this one.

PAR + PDF + FUSE. I’m hoping to learn how to do stuff with FUSE, but even if not, it just seems too weird to skip.


I feel obliged to see one of the other horror-title-themed talks, Perl is unDead.

I’m certain to go see Dave Rolsky talk about Fey. At work, we often make offhanded comments about how Rolskyware is reliable, well-designed, and a good default choice. I’m hoping Fey will delight.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing Josh ben Jore talk about the Perl 5 VM. He’s definitely one of the people I’d want to hear talk about it, and “Symphony of Horror” makes it obligatory.

Kevin Falcone’s talk on timezones, Why can’t we all live in Greenwich?, looks like it could be useful – although I’m doing a lot of learning on that right now. It also is the only talk that lets me not walk out mid-talk to deliver one of my talks: The Joy of S’Ex.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing the rest of the day, Tuesday, but I feel likely to end up at Michael Peters’ Buildbot and Smolder talk.


Well, I know I’ll be at my talk, Everything You Always Wanted to Know about S’Ex (But Were Afraid to Ask).

I’ll probably also get to Schwern’s What is Obvious? talk, as it’s a favorite question of mine.

Apart from that, I’m not sure yet. I’m hoping to have a lightning talk ready, but I have plenty of slides to make before I start thinking about that.

I think this year’s YAPC will be great (again!). I’m looking forward to it.

Written on May 26, 2008
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🏷 yapc