turbotax: dead to me

I’ve been working on changing the way my mailflow works, mostly so that I can benefit from the work that I do at Pobox. In order to get rid of some of my old email addresses, I’ve been updating a lot of user accounts and list subscriptions. Today, as I’ve started to get tax documents, I thought I’d update my TurboTax account.

I logged in, but couldn’t find a link to change my email address. I looked through help and found a link to a page that didn’t help. I looked harder and found step-by-step instructions. The second step instructed me to click a link that didn’t exist.

I contacted the live web chat – a feature that I’ve grown pretty fond of, these last few months – and I got a link to their change of email form. It includes the following text:

To process your e-mail change request, we require documentation that establishes your identity. We can accept these documents via fax or as digital scans. Any photo ID submitted should be clear enough to make out the features of the person pictured in the ID.

I started at this for a minute and then asked, “So, I can’t change my email address if I don’t own a scanner or fax machine?”

My new friend, 03_Alfred Tamayo, said he’d look into it, and then replied that, “Yes Sir, you should have a scanner or fax machine in order to send the information, you can try it in some other computer who have that.”

So… even though I have login credentials, and you’ll give me all my past tax information, and you’ll send me commercial email. You just won’t let me change where you send that email.

I will be using someone else to file my taxes this year. Thanks, TurboTax! Go get bent!

Written on January 9, 2008
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