launchbar's stupid demo period

hide recently told me that he’d moved from Quicksilver to LaunchBar. I try to do whatever the Canadians do, since I hear they will soon be our new overlords. I figured I’d do what I do with most commercial software: download it and use it during its trial period until it became clear that it was worth the money, or until I was so irritated at it that I had to stop.

The LaunchBar demo period is seven searches. Seven searches. I didn’t realize this, at first. I was surprised to see that it uses the same default keybinding as Spotlight, but I changed it to use the binding from Quicksilver. I opened two or three things and thought that it seemed much faster, and that it might be worth $20 if it ended up being faster and more stable than Quicksilver. I looked for how to use non-default actions, like “add this track to play next in Party Shuffle.” While doing that, I was told that I needed to restart LaunchBar. I couldn’t even use it for a day to make up my mind, because I’d constantly be restarting it.

I guess they saved me $20.

Written on January 2, 2008
🏷 macosx
💾 software
🤤 stupid