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I still have no phone. Well, that’s not true. I have a really neat-looking phone that I can’t use yet. T-Mobile assured me that I could go get a new SIM from a place about a mile away, in town. When I called that store today, though, they told me that I’d have to go to a T-Mobile corporate store, not a “satellite” store. In other words, six miles, to Whitehall, through traffic. Forget that!

Hopefully my New Phone Drama ends tomorrow when I arrive in Philly and go to the T-Mobile store just beside the bus stop.

American Express, continuing their tradition of excellence, has approved my claim for laptop repairs. Now I’ll need to hand my laptop in for those repairs, and hope like hell that I get it back before I have to head to Pittsburgh next Friday. I mean, I’ll rent a MacBook from the repair place in the meantime, but I’d rather not take that with me to Pittsburgh and risk doing something stupid to it.

Speaking of my Mac, I was recently thinking that I should turn on FileVault, as I hadn’t heard much about it going totally bugnuts lately. I couldn’t get it working, though, and finally found the cause. Once again, case-sensitive HFS users are screwed. Maybe in the end, I’m not even getting any benefit from it. It just seems to me like I should be able to have a filesystem that acts like it should. Unfortunately, even Apple doesn’t seem to think I matter, here.

On the flip side, work has been fairly productive, although not quite as productive as I’d hoped, this week. I’m hoping to find out that two problems are already solved for me: how to use the Movable Type XML-RPC interface to publish a post with tags, and how to sort a set of strings so that they’re in the same order as an arbitrary list of strings, only resorting to actual comparisons if they’re not.

That latter one might need to be coded, but should be easy. Heck, maybe I’ll do it now while catching up on some TV.

Written on October 5, 2007
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