weekend recap

Yesterday, we headed downtown and watched the parade for Celtic Classic. It was okay, but I was disappointed by my high school’s lackluster regimentation. A scoop of maple walnut ice cream dulled the pain.

Saturday evening was the night for my local RPG, and I felt it was a success because when I said, “let’s stop there for the night,” I got grumbles of disappointment.

I got nearly no reading done this weekend, breaking a decent streak of getting stuff read. I recently finished Fer-de-Lance (the first Nero Wolfe mystery), The Light Fantastic (the second Discworld book), two Fletch books, and some other light reading. All I’m really working on right now is the third-to-last Jeeves and Wooster book. When that’s done, I’ll finish Gravitas, and then maybe I’ll get some more weighty reading done. I really want to finish reading Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader, which I began well before MJ was born.

MJ was pretty good this weekend, despite a few crabby patches – quite possibly due to the fact that her sleep schedule was forced to bend to our whims.

This morning, my sister’s family and I installed a new Mac for my mom, secretly replacing her old, awful Dell. I’m sure she’s still being confused by bits of it, but I think it will definitely be a better fit for her, in the long run. This week, I’ll need to make sure I get her set up for remote desktop, so I can just crash in with VNC and Fix Stuff. For now, ssh should suffice.

I made very little progress on anything technical, although I installed Vecto, a Common Lisp vector graphics drawing library that looks like it promises to be fun, if I can figure out something fun to do with it.

Tomorrow, I’ll get to use my EVDO modem on the road again, and I look forward to deciding that I can once and for all cancel T-Mobile Total Internet. I won’t be cancelling my T-Mobile service, though. Early termination would cost me $400 ($200 each for our two phones), and I don’t think there would be any benefit for moving to Sprint, other than just having one bill. T-Mobile’s customer service has nearly always been very good, while Sprint’s has, so far, been mediocre. Since I lost my RAZR and needed a new GSM phone, I hit up eBay yesterday and placed an order for a Samsung D807, which I hope to receive early this week. I decided I want to try a slider, and it looked like the best-reviewed one near my price range.

I also wouldn’t object, tomorrow, to finishing a rough-but-deliverable draft of my 5.10 talk for Pittsburgh so that I can get cracking on my App::Cmd talk, which is going to be much harder to produce.

For now, it’s time to sleep.

Written on October 1, 2007