speakeasy: such a mixed bag

The guys from RCN came, today, and switched our television service over to RCN. They also set up cable modem service, which will replace my longstanding Speakeasy service. Speakeasy is great, service wise, but their prices haven’t changed in ages, leaving me paying $70 per month for 1.5/384 DSL.

Today, I sent in a ticket to cancel my service and was told I had to phone it in. That’s fine. The hold music was Ladytron, and I grinned. The CSR seemed like he wanted to say, “But we rule!” when I said, “You’re too expensive,” but didn’t. I would have told him that their awesomeness has long justified an increased price, but… not as increased as it is.

Instead, he told me that I have a contract that doesn’t end until October 10th, and that I should call back to cancel then. Otherwise, I’ll be charged $300 for early cancellation. Seriously? Just charge me whatever I have to pay to get through then, rather than make me remember. Ugh.

Written on September 26, 2007
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