mutt, macs, and nothingmuch++

Every time I blindly click a “Contact Us” link and see launching, my teeth itch. It takes too long, it complains about certs, and I don’t want to freaking send any mail with anyway! Why can’t I use mutt?

Well, I found out that I can! There’s a program called MailtoMutt that lets you use mutt to handle mailto: links.

The page noted that the icon contained a picture of “Yuval’s dog.” I was surprised to see the name “Yuval,” since I’ve only ever seen it once before, and I thought I’d ask our own Yuval Kogman whether it was at all a common name. A few moments later, looking through bug reports, I saw one from “nothingmuch.” Then I realized that it was hosted at his familiar domain.

Thanks, Yuval! Now I can click links secure in the knowledge that I will not get angry.

Written on September 12, 2007
🏷 macosx
🐶 mutt