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I have lost my cell phone. I think John C. thinks this was an excuse to have to get a new one. In fact, it just sucks. I’ll either have to pay full price or extend my contract, and I have no idea what phone will be tolerable.

Fortunately, my replacement EVDO modem arrived today, and seems darn sweet. (Hopefully I’ll get the box to send back the old one soon.) The new one (a Franklin CDU-680) is smaller, uses less power, and is also a flash drive. I don’t care about having a flash drive, except for the genius fact that it ships with the drivers on its storage. That seems, to me, to promise good things to come.

I used it for a while earlier and it worked, although I couldn’t get a GPS signal.

Tonight’s episode of Smallville was one of the worst hours of television I’ve ever watched.

I moved cheshirecat.manxome.org over to my new cable modem line, which was both good and bad. It’s nice to have it up in the office and out of the living room. It’s nice to have nothing connected to the DSL, which I’ll close out soon. It’s annoying that I have to work around RCN’s port blocking. Blocked outbound 25 is easy to work around, as I just set up my server to relay through Pobox SASL. Blocked inbound 80 isn’t so bad, as I can put things on zodiac.codesimply.com or Dreamhost. The most annoying thing, so far, has been blocked inbound 445. I had it restricted to just a few IPs, so I could access my music collection from the office. So far, even setting up an ssh tunnel doesn’t seem to work well, because OS X’s mount_smbfs doesn’t seem to accept an alternate port! I think I’ll end up using sshfs.

Martha has been very moody lately, but as soon as she’s been cute for a half hour straight, it’s hard to stay annoyed. She’s crawling like a champ, and she keeps trying to stand up or climb the stairs. She’ll get up on her legs, leaning against a stairs, and then maybe she’ll climb up onto the first step. After that, she seems at a loss for what to do, and she gets frustrated and starts crying. The truly bizarre part is that she will then crawl slowly around the room, wailing, clearly no longer having any idea what she wants. Huh?

Mostly, I just hope for her to sleep through the night, lately. I’m about to turn in, and it’d be nice if she slept through until at least six thirty.

Tomorrow, I test the EVDO modem on the road.

Written on September 28, 2007
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