toward bearing arms / the girl for me

I stopped by the local gun (and coin and antique) store on Thursday and asked them to see if they could acquire a Yugo SKS for me. They said it might be a pain, as recent “scares” have created a rush, not to mention “the Democrats getting back in power.” This is funny both because it was said out loud and because it is probably true. Ha ha only depressing.

I’m thinking that I may be willing to “settle” for an AK-47, if I can’t get a SKS easily enough, although at that point maybe an M1 Garand isn’t much more expensive. I’ll ask The Gun Guy next time I talk to him.

I was looking at small gun safes, but I think that since my primary goal is preventing underage access, I’ll be fine with good weapon locks and a lockable container, like a big tub or drum.

While discussing my options with some friends at my RPG the other day, one of them asked, “So, uh, what does Gloria think of this plan of yours?” and I related this snippet, taken verbatim from AIM logs:

<rjbs> Do you have any interest in learning how to safely and accurately
operate a rifle?
<gloria> maybe.
<gloria> I mean - in the case of zombies, it couldn't hurt to know.

Yeah. She’s so the girl for me.

Written on July 9, 2007
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