organizing documents, no help from adobe

I’ve got a bunch of documents that I want to organize, and I didn’t want to use some database system, or rely on Spotlight (which I loathe) or anything annoying like that. I wanted a different set of annoyances. I wrote a little module (File::LinkTree::Builder) to build a tree of directories based on file metadata leading back to files in a storage area. So, given (say) my iTunes library, it could build a tree in which I could look up /Rock/80s/Island and find every rock track from Island Records in the 80’s. The module is very simple and it lets you define how to find metadata.

Since a lot of the files I want to deal with are PDF, I thought I’d look into its own metadata system. It has two, but the extensible one is XMP, the eXtensible Metadata Platform, which embeds a bunch of XML/RDF in the PDF. PDF::API2 has a way to get and replace this, so I figured I’d be on my way.

Well, the docs suck, and there’s no non-image-related XMP module on the CPAN. I thought I’d just use XML::Simple, but I have to deal with goofy processing instructions, which it doesn’t seem to support. I’m getting close to just doing something brute-forcey. Worst case, maybe I’ll put YAML in a CDATA block and see whether it gets deleted by some Adobe tool while I’m not looking.

During my research into XMP, I found this, the most unhelpful technical documentation ever:

Written on June 15, 2007
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