perl email project non-synergy

The last bug of the day was, “Why is this process getting so big?” See, it was getting an HTTP upload, creating an Email::Simple::FromHandle, then delivering it. It should all have been streaming around, nothing in memory.

Then we realized that Email::LocalDelivery was dealing with the string at once, because it was written before ::FromHandle. Here’s the bizarre thing, though:

Email::LocalDelivery accepts only a string to deliver. In fact:

croak "Mail argument to deliver should just be a plain string"
  if ref $mail;

It calls the deliver method on the various Email::LocalDelivery::* classes, like ::Maildir, which says:

sub deliver {
  my ($class, $mail, @files) = @_;
  $mail = Email::Simple->new($mail)
    unless ref $mail eq "Email::Simple"; # For when we recurse

Unfortunately, ::Mbox does nothing of the sort, only writing a string to a file with no provision for receiving an Email::Simple object, so the exception in Email::LocalDelivery can’t really be fixed without bizarre consequences: partial deliveries based on the delivery targets.

I’ll probably fix this in all the E::LD:: classes I control, then try to get the other CPAN modules fixed, then hope nothing on the darkpan breaks. At least I can fix the streaming delivery in Email::LocalDelivery::Maildir and call its deliver method directly, because hey, THAT’s a great idea…

Written on May 25, 2007
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