all hail kip

I’ve been wanted to get rid of the stupid concrete walkway in my back yard ever since (or before) we moved in. Last week I found a local place that does concrete recycling. I mentioned this to Kip and asked if, at some unspecified time in the future, he’d give me a hand getting rid of the walkway.

Today, he came by to look and see what we’d need to do. Then he said, “Let’s do it!” He got a rock hammer and pick-axe-like tool from his truck and we laid waste to the damned thing. I’m a real weakling, and have no clue how to perform most types of manual labor, so Kip did most of the real work. It was a sort of pathetic that he’d break the blocks with one or two hammer strokes, but it would take me ten or fifteen.

It was great to get done, and I enjoyed, as I usually do, doing some actual work. Next up: haul away the concrete and fill in the trench.



Written on May 13, 2007
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