my speakeasy mug story

A few years ago, I received a plain brown box in the mail. It came from my ISP, Speakeasy, and contained a nice Speakeasy-branded mug. There was nothing else in the box, and no explanation as to why I’d been sent the mug. I logged into their IRC servers and asked about it. I found my logs of this conversation today while looking for something else:

----- IRC log started Tue Sep 24 18:05:02 2002 -----
[1805] *** acestus has joined #speakeasy (
[1805] <acestus> So, Speakeasy sent me a mug. WTF?
[1805] <@das_runt-xXY> you don't like mugs?
[1806] <acestus> I do, actually.  They give me somewhere to put my oatmeal.
[1806] <acestus> but... I can find no info on why mugs were distributed!
[1807] <@das_runt-xXY> we just love you.
[1807] <@das_runt-xXY> isn't that enough?
[1807] <chem> my friend informs me
[1807] <chem> we can get speakeasy dsl here
[1807] <chem> in NC
[1807] <chem> anyone have it here?
[1807] <@das_runt-xXY> chem, are you interested in ordering speakeasy dsl?
[1807] <chem> yes
[1807] <chem> but
[1807] <chem> i want to know if its going to be faster than roadrunner
[1808] <chem> my current isp
[1808] *** acestus has Speakeasy DSL.
[1808] <acestus> It is The Ruleage.
[1808] <acestus> They, like, send you mugs and stuff.
----- IRC log ended Tue Sep 24 19:12:19 2002 -----
Written on April 25, 2007