me and my new pal thomas jefferson

I am now fulfilling my long-time dream of using almost exclusively $2 bils as spending money.

stack of twos

Why? Well, I don’t know. It seems like a lark. Maybe if more people spend two dollar bills they’ll become more common and it will lead to a stronger dollar coin… or something. Whatever, I’m just a dork.

It was fun to wave around a big stack of twos – the most I’ve ever seen. It was amusing to hear one teller talk about “deuces” as if it was really common bank teller jargon and the other teller act like she had no idea was the first was talking about. Apart from that, nothing interesting has come of it yet. Today at Hogeez, the clerk gasped when I pulled out a bunch of them and paid with them. “These are my favorites,” she said, “I collect them!”

This was amusing, since I’ve been talking a lot about the silliness of hoarding twos. I said, “You know they’re not worth anything, right?” She shrugged. “Yup.”

Well, either way, I got my cheesesteak.

I also put all my bills on Where’s George, in hopes of someday becoming a Top Tom. So far, I’ve only circulated “stealth” Toms, but today I marked and sherlocked a bunch of them. I also looked over the bizarre Encyclopaedia Georgetannica, which lists a lot of the often weird WG slang. I think I will mostly avoid the forums. The people on the Where’s George forums make #perl seem like just plain folk.

Written on April 21, 2007
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