dear amazon, just sent it when it's out

Lately, I am getting a lot of incredibly annoying email from Amazon. Worse, it’s email that requires that I repeatedly go log in and click buttons, just to get what I ordered.

For some reason, trade paperback collections of comic books seem to get listed at Amazon with a release date of X, and then get pushed back over and over until they finally come out. Every time the order is pushed back, I get an email saying that I have to go confirm that I want the book, even if it comes out two weeks later.

It’s like having a bookstore call me every few weeks and say, “I know you said you really wanted this book you had on order, but it’s going to be late. Do you still want it?” If a bookstore kept doing that, I’d probably leave them for Amazon and not look back… and in fact that’s what I did when Moravian pulled the same crap when HOP came out.

Look, I want the book! I don’t care if it comes out two weeks late or two months late or two years late. Stop bugging me about it. Send me an update, if you want. That would be just fine. Just don’t make me go click a link over and over just you were wrong about your shipping prediction over and over!

Written on March 7, 2007
🏷 amazon
🤤 stupid