notes from today

Today has been a weird day, full of all kinds of stuff.

This morning, we went to the hospital and Gloria had more ultrasounds. We got some new photos of the baby’s head and face.

I left my phone at home (oops!), so I had no network connection on the bus, so I couldn’t test the database parts of the database-heavy code I’m working on. Instead, I wrote documentation and reviewed the sanity of the design. I let Enterprise play in the background, leading to today’s earlier entry.

At work, I made some significant, but insufficient, progress on my current task. I think I may now have it in a position where I can finish it in the next 48 hours, but… I’m not excited about the pace at which I’ll have to work. Still, the design is pretty decent, compared to what I had to work with before.

I was going to work through lunch, but the whole office went to have lunch with John, which was fun. I had a burrito and a tamarind soda, which is a rare treat. (I’m OK with that. I think it would be weird to drink it more often.) We had a good time, then returned to the office, where I tried to get through some more work. When I got to a good stopping point, just before five, I did some small things to make me feel like I’d completed an entire task. That was pleasant.

On the bus home it was the same story: no network. I worked on a script to move my photos from to Flickr. I think it’s clear that I’m not going to get around to making Rubric do galleries any time really soon, and I’m happy with Flickr. I need to figure out how best to use Net::Flickr::Backup, but I think it will be just fine.

With a little digging and tweaking and cursing, I got jgal2flickr working. I’m now working on uploading my first few batches of photos. I don’t plan, just yet, on upgrading to a Pro account, so it may take a few months.

When I got home, there were two packages for me from Gloria’s parents. Since I recognized the company that had sent them, I had a good guess as to their contents, and didn’t feel bad about opening them up. It’s my first Christmas present: a five-string banjo! In my eagerness to get it up and running – despite having absolutely no clue what I was doing – I broke the third string. Fortunately, the in-laws had included replacements! This was a humbling, and sort of depressing, experience. The good thing about it is that it put me firmly in my place: I know nothing, and will just hurt myself and my property if I pretend I don’t. Tomorrow or Wednesday, I’ll go to the local guitar place and ask for help restringing, tuning, and about lessons.

Now it’s time to work the “last” few bugs out of my Flickr script and see if I can get my bank’s “deposit online with your scanner” thing working for Gloria. It only works on Win32, which is sort of a bigger deal right now than it should be. It’d be nice to get it working. I was really annoyed when they dropped their “free UPS overnight deposits” program.

Off to work.

Written on December 19, 2006
🏷 baby
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