recovering from sickness and laziness

Shortly after getting back from Florida, I started to get a little sore throat. This quickly blossomed into a seriously sore throat and two swollen, bloodshot eyes. I usually avoid doctor visits when I think I can wait it out, but I was having a really hard time sleeping, eating, and talking, so Gloria gave me a lift to the weird little EmergiCareClinic or whatever it’s called. The name and concept remind me of something I’d expect in a cyberpunk novel, but I guess that’s just because I don’t know anything about how normal people get medical care.

I saw a doctor who gave me a very cursory glance and wrote me a scrip for some oral and eye-dropped antibiotics. I’m feeling a lot better, now, although I think it’ll be a few more days before I’m all clear.

At the doctor’s office, I was weighed. I had my clothes (shoes and all) on, and stuff in my pockets, but I was still pretty horrified. I stopped weighing myself regularly about six months ago, and my weight is way up. I was thinking about cancelling my gym membership (I haven’t been there in ages), but I think that instead I’ll try to set aside a day or two in the week to get over there regularly.

This led me to think that, in general, I’m really out of control. I’m not getting any work done on my personal code, on the house, or on any sort of regular self-improvement. Some of this is because we were just on vacation and because I’m sick, but it’s been building up for a while, and I think it’s time to get in gear.

Last night I took a first step, doing something that I should have done a good while ago: I screwed the bookshelves into place in the living room and unpacked the books. They’re almost entirely unordered, but they’re up. That means that the dining room is nearly empty – not only of books, but entirely. There’s also a lot less clutter on the floor of the living room, which is now back to looking gigantic.

This weekend, we’re going to go to Ikea. Hopefully we’ll pick up a crib, a baby dresser, and maybe some dining room furniture. It would be nice to have the whole first floor in good order soon: the Wii will be out in less than two weeks, and it would be great to have some friends over to play, hang out, and warm the house.

Written on November 10, 2006
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