enough time manipulation for now

I might go ahead and write a few tests, just to ensure that everything that I think works, works, now and forever. Apart from that, I think I’ve spent enough of the last few days writing obsessively silly code to support my RPG.

On my way home on the bus, I finally got the last few kinks worked out of negative offsets, so that both of these commands work. (Note that output has been cropped to hide secrets from any players reading my journal!)

~/Documents/rjbs/docs/deliverance$ ./code/when -- 1.213
offset: 1.213
offset s: 35213875.2
standard: 1:03:16:13:37:55

~/Documents/rjbs/docs/deliverance$ ./code/when -- -1.213
offset: -1.213
offset s: -35213875.2
standard: -2:10:13:10:22:04

I wonder what the calendar will look like in the future. I don’t see it changing much in my lifetime, but it certainly is annoying to deal with, and once we’re not worried about the sun and moon as much, maybe we really will use something simpler. I doubt it, though. I bet we’ll end up with a bunch of different, complicated calendars, one for each settled colony. I was extremely grumpy the last time I “had to” write my own time zone conversion code; I can only imagine how annoying it will be to convert between Alpha Centari I Meridian Summer Time and Western European Standard Time – and don’t forget to resync your hardware clock after exiting FTL space!

Here’s hoping I live to fix a bug in that code.

Written on October 24, 2006
🏷 calendar
🐪 perl
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