today i moved a lot of stuff

Today was moving day! Gloria picked up a truck around 7:00, and once we figured out how to park it (because people had not entirely vacated our ‘no parking’ zone) and had some breakfast, the move was on! We moved the guinea pigs first, so they’d be out of our way. They’re in a currently unoccupied room, so we got to close them in and let them relax. I have no idea if it worked… guinea pigs can be so hard to read!

Trevor showed up just after the guinea pigs were in place. We got down to loading the truck, and I almost immediately twisted my ankle. I missed a step or two while carrying a table down the stairs, turned my ankle in, and collapsed onto the floor. Ack! I got back to work immediately, and it only hurt a little. Brian showed up not too long after Trevor, and we made our first trip. Things went pretty quickly, but I was pretty beat by parade time.

We took a little break to watch the tail end of the Celtic Classic parade, met up with Katie and Jerome, and got back to work. By the time our pizzas showed up, I was totally ready for the break. The problem was, after lunch I was just wrecked. We had moved our TV, which consumed the last of my strength. My ankle was swollen and seriously throbbing. I spent the rest of the afternoon struggling to walk, to lift light things, and to remain upright.

After a little advil, I’m not quite as disabled, but I’m pretty sure that tomorrow it will be difficult for me to do anything but groan. Still, we’re all moved, and that’s awesome! Tomorrow, we’ll hit Lowes and pick up a few essentials… like blinds for our street-facing bedroom window.

Written on September 24, 2006
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