trying to be true to amazon

I really try to buy things locally whenever reasonable. I’m willing to pay a fairly substantial premium to do so, because I like to support my town. That said, Amazon gets a lot of my business. They have a lot of things that it’s hard to get locally, we have no local bookstores that I consistentlylike shopping with, and Amazon Prime makes it feel like there’s never any shipping tax on my orders.

Today, I wanted to order some new hardware for doing SuperDuper! backups of our laptops. I had a $50 gift certificate, so I had to shop with Amazon (or, I think, a partner; it’s hard to tell, but zShops at least were out). When I searched for things, I kept finding stuff listed at one price that then showed up at another when I clicked on the search result. Why? The search listed the cheapest price, but the main price listed on the item’s page was the Amazon price. Now things got confusing: for me, the Amazon price was exact, as I would pay no shipping. For other vendors, I’d have to go figure out shipping. For yet others, I would not be able to use my gift certificate. Without the gift certificate, I’d be better off using Newegg, from whom I buy hardware most often.

Eventually I got things sorted: I ordered a hard drive enclosure from TigerDirect via Amazon with my certificate, but had to pay shipping. That left me with about seven dollars on the certificate, so I looked into getting some cables I needed. All the search results were coming up showing a few bucks, but the Amazon item price would be $20.

I really want to do business with Amazon, not their little remoras. While I like the fact that those symbiotic partner stores are there for me, sometimes I just want to force the Amazon product search engine to only show me “from Amazon” results.

It’s a shame that I do not really have All My Email Ever. I would have my original receipt for my first few Amazon purchases, with the ancient logo and everything. I think I ordered them with the Lynx browser. At least I can pull up the records of the order. Chip might be proud: Slack!

Written on August 20, 2006
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