yapc day one, part two: the rest of the day

After my talk, I went to Adam’s talk about PITA. I’m really interested in PITA, as I think it will make testing my modules a lot easier. (I know it’s not targeted at people like me, but I’ll accept the rewards anyway.) My major complain about the talk: too much poop. (You had to be there.)

I went to Andy’s talk on technical debt, which was also good. It was mostly about how to not get into more debt, and how to convince people that it’s time to get out of debt. I’m not sure I learned too much about what will actually get me out of debt faster, but, then again, that makes sense. You get out of debt by realizing it’s bad and paying it off. You don’t just do some trick that makes it go away.

I caught most of the talk on Perl::Critic, which I keep meaning to use regularly, and all of the talk on Lint, which I’m sort of scared of using. (I much prefer Joshua’s other project, B::Lisp.) Perl::Critic’s talk showed off a lot of the tweakability of Perl::Critic, which helps me feel like I won’t start using it and then get angry about it.

After Lint, I sort of wandered around the main hall and chatted with some other attendees. I can’t remember who or about what, although I know I was having a good time. Around six thirty, I headed to the train to meet my friend Lori. Lori and I went to school together, and these days I see her once or twice a year when she’s home (at her parents’) for the holidays.

I ran into a gaggle of other Perl hackers at the station. They were headed my way, going to get Mexican food. We talked about jobs and other fun things until they got off, and one stop later I was at Damen, where I met Lori, Adam, and their friends. We went to a Thai restaurant, where I got tamarind beef curry. When I saw that item on the menu, I was dubious, but Lori commanded that I order it, so I did. It was delicious! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for it in the future.

After dinner, they headed for a show, but I headed back to the dorms. Dieter and I poked at SubEthaEdit, doing some idea-sketching about Sub::Exporter stuff. I’ll write more about our output another time.

I should have written this entry on Monday, or at least Tuesday, but I’ve been lazy (alternately, busy). Oh well. It’s been a very good YAPC, so far!

Written on June 28, 2006
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