yapc day one: my talk went well

I gave my Sub::Exporter talk, this morning. (I’ll put up my slides soon, once I find a nice way to publish them.) I think it went well. I went over time, but toward the end I just annoucned that I was not going to stop. Some people left and some stuck around. I’m not sure how well it was received in general, but I didn’t feel like I made any huge mistakes, and I got to say everything I wanted to.

I did have more than one person suggest Sub::Exporter::Cookbook, which is something I’d thought about doing and then abandoned. I’ll probably start on that soon, which should be fun.

I’ll write more about other talks later, I think. I’m in Andy’s talk on technical debt, now, and I’m enjoying it too much to engage in a brain dump.

Written on June 26, 2006
🐪 perl
🏷 yapc