keynote version numbering and udpates

My MacBook came with iWork, and thus Keynote, installed on it. It was a demo version, so when I bought the full version, I just downloaded a serial number. (I wouldn’t have minded getting a copy of the manuals, but the help has been good enough, so far.)

Anyway, I was looking at the online help for Keynote the other day, and I saw a update available. It was Keynote 3.0.1v2 Updater. Huh? Is that going to update me to 3.0.1v2? Is that a clever way of saying I downloaded it, and it installed, so I figured it was an update I should’ve run. After I’d run it, however, I tried running it again and it ran. There was no, “You already have this version” warning, which makes me wonder whether I was running that version before. Both before and after that update, the About Keynote menu showed 3.0.1.

My current theory is that this update was their second version of the updater. I don’t know, though. I wish I did.

Here’s some bonus mumbling: Dear Lazyweb, is there a way to get a free text block on a master slide? I mean, I know I can put one on the master that has fixed text, but I want to be able to create a style free text box that’s stuck at a guideline. That way when it expands, it will stay there.

It seems like all I can create, instead, is “body text.” In other words, a bulleted list. I can remove the bullets, but it won’t expand as I type. I don’t want to have to resize the body manually, especially because it will lose its centering.

I guess I will go troll the forums once I’m back on the ground.

Written on June 25, 2006
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