airport needs dhcp reservations

Are you listening, Apple? The Airport needs DHCP reservations.

I like my Airport, and I even feel like the cost wasn’t so bad. Sure, it cost more than its direct competitors, but it was absolutely trivia to get running. When I need to update it, it just takes a few seconds in a nice, simple GUI applications. Other access points are easy, but Airport is effortless.

Well, except for one thing. Airport takes care of port forwarding for me, which I only use for SubEthaEdit. To forward ports, I just tell Airport what port should go from outside to an internal IP. I tell it the IP.

Argh! I don’t want to have to worry about what IP my laptop is on. I don’t want to restart my AirPort every time I want to use SubEthaEdit (because my IP has changed and I’m updating its NAT rules). I really don’t want to use Mac OS’s “network locations” crap to get around DHCP at home.

I just want to say: this MAC is my laptop, and should always get this IP, which has port forwarding set up. That would make my life much, much easier at times when I want to use SubEthaEdit. In fact, I’d probably use it a lot more!

Written on June 21, 2006
🍏 apple
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