the last temptation of christ

So, I’m watching “Movies That Shook the World,” and they’re talking about The Last Temptation of Christ. I just don’t understand why people got so riled up about that movie. It was a good movie. I doesn’t say that Jesus wasn’t the Messiah – although I don’t see why a movie can’t be free to make that claim. It actually shows that Jesus was the Messiah, wholly man and wholly God. It shows Jesus living a real, full life. He gets married, he has children, and all that stuff… but it’s fiction! I don’t just mean that it’s a movie, but that in the context of the movie, Jesus’s life beyond the Calvary is just a fiction, presented by Satan as a temptation. Is it that they see Jesus doing things that they don’t think he did (getting married, having sex)? The movie then asserts that these things didn’t happen. Are the images themselves offensive for some reason? It can’t just be that we’re seeing Jesus tempted and conflicted. We see that already in canon. Most people who protested did not, presumably, see the movie. Someone told them about the movie and told them that it was bad. What was the stake of the people giving those instructions?

It was a good movie. What was everyone so upset about?

Written on May 4, 2006
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