so much delicious food, so little time

I really loafed today – that is, after a really annoying bit of network trouble with a colo this morning. Once that was done with, I just played a lot of Sly 3 and poked at some code. When Gloria got back, we went downtown for ice cream, and Barbara had my favorite flavor, peppermint stick. It was awesome. We walked around downtown for a little while and looked at the arts and crafts market that was set up on Main Street, then headed home. At home, we watched a lot of Food Network; they were running a number of back-to-back shows about pies. A number of the pies looked extremely delicious.

We ate a lot of butter toffee almonds.

At around six, we headed over to KimChee Xpres – the tasty Korean restaurant with the horrible name – and got dinner with John and Michiko. Along with the dumpling soup (which I love), I ordered a delicious dish that I’d had before and forgotten the name of. It’s thinly sliced pork, seasoned with red pepper, ginger, scallions, and onions. The pork is so incredibly tender that it falls apart under its own weight and nearly turns to a paste as it dissolves in your mouth. I ate much more than I should have and brought the rest home. I still don’t know the Korean name for it, but in English it is called β€œnumber sixteen.” I highly recommend it.

Written on May 14, 2006
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