my next laptop: ordered

Previously, I had wondered whether I could cope if the new iBook replacement phased out the twelve-inch PowerBook. I made a list of my requirements:

  • small; no bigger than my first laptop
  • runs a unix-like operating system
  • Core Duo processor
  • 1.5 GB of RAM
  • second display at higher resolution

The new MacBook meets all those requirements. It ships with a half-gig of memory, but I’ll probably upgrade it to two once I have it. Apple’s RAM prices are usually insane, so I’ll order from Crucial. Oh, did I mention? I ordered one already.

I ordered the high-end white MacBook. I put the black in my cart first, and then decided I should double-check on the differences. The black MacBook is $200 more than the high-end white. It has a 80 GB hard drive instead of a 60, but is otherwise identical. Well, and it’s black. The 20 GB hard drive upgrade is a $50 option on the white. That means that there’s a $150 blackness surcharge. That is ridiculous. I would rather use those $150 for something useful, like the RAM, or new software, or a Nintendo Wii. Anyway, everyone else will be ordering the cool new black model, so I’ll be the cool rebel with the white one… right?

Written on May 16, 2006
apple   hardware