subethaedit gets zotted

I’ve been using a SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys since it was Hydra. I basically can’t deal with it as a full-time editor, but for things like brainstorming and some forms of pairing, it’s totally fantastic. I can /msg my coworkers about some upcoming software, and once it’s clear that we’d rather be writing tests than talking about design, I can fire up SEE and paste around a URL. Everybody drops into the file, and we write tests and comments and maybe even documentation until we’re all tired of it, and we end up with a document that we can all work against to Get Things Done.

It’s also been really useful at OSCON and YAPC for collaborating on transcribing talks or taking notes. That’s where I first saw it, I think: OSCON ‘03. It’s when I got my first OS X machine, so I was high on Rendezvous software like iChat and Hydra.

Anyway, now they’re working on a promotion with “BLOGZOT 2.0 on”, whereby they turn blog posts into free licenses. They’re going to award $105k in Mac software through their “post about us” promotion. It’s a pretty weird promotion scheme, and I’m not entirely sure I understand it yet. I do know, though, that SEE is a really darn useful tool and that last time they did this I got a free copy of AppZapper, which is also a nice little program to have in my /Applications folder. Here’s hoping I end up with a zero-cost copy for all my uses…

Written on April 25, 2006
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